Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Brother in Baltimore

Check out this article on Baltimore's network of surveillance cameras in Governing magazine. Comparisons to "The Wire" are too easy, but since I've been away from the blog for three months now, I'll swing at the softball: a real-life Lester Freamon, an "after hours club" called Lil's Place, a Lil' Wayne concert (one wonders if he partied after hours at Lil's Place...).  I hear the last line growled in Slim Charles' inimitable voice: "Well, it do's and it don't."
Anyone troubled by the civil liberties aspects of this?  I'm not sure you have a right to privacy if you shoot someone on a city sidewalk.  Should you shoot them in the comfort of your own home, now that's another story...

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  1. Hey, you're back! (It took me a few days to realize, though.) Can't wait to read this article. I miss David Simon :( Although, while it's not nearly as good or realistic, I'm enjoying Dexter...but only because Dexter is so cute. It's a joke compared to The Wire (Dexter analyzes cut-off fingertips at his desk.)